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Gnomio, oh Gnomio…

I am still a  slacker!  I still  hardly ever torch at home, although I’m trying to get in the studio at least once a week. Emphasis on trying.  Nothing new going on except these little guys. They make me smile!



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Pi? Not Pi, Messy 96!!

Remember Pi Glass (96COE)? Probably not. It seems like that were out of business before they got started, but they had some really nice colors and the glass wasn’t very expensive. Well, it was recently announced that CIM will be supplying some of the colors from the old Pi line, since their 104COE glass is made at the same factory. Great news for all the Pi fans out there. The Messy 96 will be carried by Frantz and Phoenix Art Supplies. Phoenix also carries some divine vintage 96 glass. LOVE it! The black is great, the cobalt is beautiful, the lavender doesn’t get all devitty or reducey… Yeah, I made those words up, but you know what I’m talkin’ about! Plus, she always has some sort of awesome special going on. I believe she’s giving away free glass with purchases right now. You should all go buy stuff. Now. 😉

So, anyway, yesterday was the annual Christmas party for the Florida Glass Dragons. This year it was held at R4 Glass Studio and was a total blast, as usual. I didn’t get any pictures of the party, but I did catch Mr. Tyler, Bead Snatcher Extraordinaire having a good time in the fountain:


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Whooty Whooooo!!

<—-See that? That’s me doing a happy dance. Why, you ask? Because I’m finally done with that damned bulk buy!! Well mostly. There are still some items missing, but at least the main part is done. The rest is just clean up. Never again, I say. Never again! Now maybe I’ll have a little more time to actually get some torching in. Yayyyyy!!! I get to make pretties (or not so pretties, depending on taste). So anyway, that’s about all I have to jab about today. I have a lot of orders to get shipped and I’m a couple of days behind. Here’s some eye candy, though:

That’s all, folks!!!

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Torch Time, Baby!!

Woo hoo!! I finally decided to have some torch time, no matter what. So, despite being sick as a dog, courtesy of Mr. Tyler, I made beads this weekend. It was AWESOME!! I finally got to play with my new stash of Uroboros and I think I’m in love. The black is heavenly!! No reduction and no pitting at all!! And I have a tendency to cook the snot of black when I make godesses. Take a gander:

Isn’t she lovely? I even added backfat and cellulite! I call her Big Mama II. Mr. Tyler smashed the original Big Mama and I was crushed! 🙁 I still tear up a little thinking about her… Anyway, I digress. So I’ve decided that I really like Uroboros. It’s a lot stiffer than Effetre, so that took a little getting used to, but I have a nice size torch (GTT Cheetah). I just needed to crank it up a little. I love the colors and even though the color palette is limited (only 39 colors), it’s compatible with the furnace canes so I have hundreds of colors to choose from. Not a good thing for a glass ho like me who has to have every color out there. I guess it’s a good thing I’m poor…

So anyway, I’m just about finished with my nightmare of a bulk buy and I must say I will NEVER EVER have anything made in India again. I apologize if any of you reading this are Indian and are offended, but you have your fellow countryman, Imran Khan of New Designs, Inc. to thank. What a freakin’ crook!!! I still don’t have my entire order, so I had to find a local company pick up his slack, so now I’m paying double. I know a lot of people are bitter about things made in China, but hey, at least the businesses are honest and reliable there. This is just my opinion gathered after working with Chinese companies for years.


Once I finish getting everyone’s items out to them, I will be adding the rest to my store. Here is a letter opener that I made this weekend, also:
The beads are Uroboros Cherry Red Semi-Opal with R58 Old Gold Aventurine frit and some fine silver wire. I haven’t played with silver wire in ages. I’d forgotten how cool it is.
Well, it’s time for me to skedaddle. Maybe I’ll go make that ice pick, now…