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Flower Power!

Lately, I’ve been making flowers. I purchased 3 used flower presses, but while I was waiting for them to arrive, I started making these lovelies:

wpid-wp-1442719562431.jpeg wpid-wp-1442719526988.jpeg

I’m having so much fun free handing it, that even though my presses have arrived, I haven’t been using them. I tried 2 of the presses, but the free hand flowers are way more fun to make.

I’ve never really liked flowers much (not a girly girl), but I absolutely adore these! They’re so pretty! They make perfect little desktop bouquets!

 Desktop Bouquet

These little bouquets are available for purchasing in my shop, with your choice of a clear, blue or tall vase. Or you can get just the flowers with no vase, single or bundles of 3.

I’ll also be adding more items to the shop this week, including angel wings and hearts, so keep an eye out. (Shameless plug 😉 )

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Make a Leaf and Foil Vacuum For Less Than $20

leaffoilvacA Leaf/Foil vac is a huge help when you are working with flyaway metals. It will keep you silver/gold/copper leaf or foil from flying all over the place while you’re trying to use it. To purchase a commercial one can cost $75-100. That’s pretty pricey for a single purpose tool that probably won’t get much use, and with me being a broke @ss, I’m not about to pay that kind of money! This video will show how to make one for less than $20 out of items you probably already have around the house.



Materials needed:

Computer Fan (CPU Fan)
A 9 volt battery
Metal screen or mesh (I used aluminum window screen)

In the video, you can hear the mesh rubbing against the fan a bit. All you have to do to fix that is use your fingers to bow the top away from the fan. The vac that I actually use has an on/off switch that I found at a surplus store and it cost about $5 ($4.95, to be exact). You don’t really need it but if you install a switch, you don’t have to keep connecting and disconnecting wires:




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So much to say, so little space…

Hi y’all! (No, I’m not a Southerner, but yes I do say “y’all”). Don’t try to act like y’all don’t. It just rolls off the tongue so nice and smooth. Y’all. How y’all doin’? You know you love it!

Anyway, I recently took a FANTASTIC class with Jeff Barber, Mr. Satake. It was sooo freakin’ AWESOME!! I can now make perfect ribbon cane and lattucino! (is that even spelled right?) I made this on my 1st attempt:
I’m sooo psyched! Now, if I could just use it on a bead without it melting all to hell, I’ll be a really happy camper. So anyway, the class was top notch and I’d advise everyone to jump on the opportunity if he’s ever teaching in your area. I learned so many cool techniques and they can be applied to all types of glass. Not just Satake, which is awesome glass, by the way. Perfect for all you Hothead users out there. If anyone is interested, there is going to be a Satake buy on LE towards the end of the month, so make sure you keep an eye out if you want to get some for $15.50/lb. It’s normally $22/lb.

I’m also psyched about the fact that I gave my very first Lampwork lesson on Saturday. It was tons of fun and Mary is a total natural. I hate her. Not really. She’s a sweetheart and so is her hubby Jack. They make beautiful jewelry (see it here) and she’s always had an interest in lampwork. Lucky her stumbled across my website looking for fan pulls. Now I’ve suckered her into making her own beads. Poor Jack. Someone should really tell him that a glass addiction is comparable to crack. Really. Just try to make me stop. Get back, I’ll cutcha!!!! Take a gander at one of her first beads:

Isn’t it gorgeous? Just wait until she knows what she’s doing!

Well, that’s about it for now. I actually have a lot more to jabber about, but I’m tired and need a nap before I go to work. I’ll just leave you all (y’all) with this: Bead Porn Alert