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Effetre Seeded Glass 40% Off!

I’ve just added Effetre seeded glass to my store inventory and for now, it’s on sale for 40% off. This stuf is absolutely gorgeous and can be made into incredibly beautiful pieces. My skills are a bit lacking, but I’ve made a few beads and vessels that I really like. I need to practice making hollow beads. Here’s a vessel that I made using the Amethyst seeded. I believe I used it with Effetre or Vetrofond Dk. Purple Transparent. I don’t seperate them since they’re basically the same and I never write down what I use.

Note to self: Start keeping track of the colors/brands used!!! (Yeah, right. Like that’s ever going to happen.)

Anyway, here’s my vessel:

It’s not a Tink, but we can’t all be creative geniuses. Who is this “Tink,” you ask? Her seeded creations are what made me fall in love with seeded glass. Bead Porn Alert! Feast your eyes: and Her vessels are blown. Mine is not. Mind you, I do know how to create blown vessels, as I was an honored participant in one of Tink’s Hollow Vessels classes back in January. I’m just lazy and core formed vessels are easy. There. I said it. Perhaps one day I’ll post some of my inspirationally wop-sided hollow creations for your viewing pleasure. (Ha!)

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Got Goodies?

I know. Everyone has a blog. So here I am jumping on the bandwagon. I figure since I’ve been slacking at getting my website finished, I could at least put up a blog so that people can see that yes, I do indeed melt the occasional glass rod. Though it seems as if i prefer to just spend money and hoard…

This is my Aqua swirl goddess vessel that I made for a fundraising auction. It took 2 weeks to get her off the mandrel, and i know people are sick of hearing about it, but so what!!! I’m sooo proud of her. If you saw my first attempt, you’d understand why. Bless her heart. So anyway, I’m extra proud of this one. And she sold for $50!! My first ever lampwork sell! (Not that I got any of the proceeds). Did I mention how proud I am?

Oh yeah. I almost forgot the important stuff! Actually, I did forget and came back to edit.

Hi! My name is Shawnette. I live in Central Florida and I love lampworking. I’m a single mother of 2 boys. Arent they cute?
They are almost exactly 14 years apart (13 years, 360 days). so anyway, that’s my intro. Check out my site (the one that I’m slacking on. It will be finished one day…) Oh, and if you’re a guy looking for eyecandy, I got some of that, too.

See ya!!