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Flower Power!

Lately, I’ve been making flowers. I purchased 3 used flower presses, but while I was waiting for them to arrive, I started making these lovelies:

wpid-wp-1442719562431.jpeg wpid-wp-1442719526988.jpeg

I’m having so much fun free handing it, that even though my presses have arrived, I haven’t been using them. I tried 2 of the presses, but the free hand flowers are way more fun to make.

I’ve never really liked flowers much (not a girly girl), but I absolutely adore these! They’re so pretty! They make perfect little desktop bouquets!

 Desktop Bouquet

These little bouquets are available for purchasing in my shop, with your choice of a clear, blue or tall vase. Or you can get just the flowers with no vase, single or bundles of 3.

I’ll also be adding more items to the shop this week, including angel wings and hearts, so keep an eye out. (Shameless plug 😉 )

2 thoughts on “Flower Power!

  1. Beautiful! Are these soft or hard glass? I’d be interested to know, if they’re hard glass, which colours you used? I can’t seem to find many vibrant boro colours here in the UK…

  2. Sorry! Just saw this comment! These are soft glass, however, Origin makes some really nice boro colors (Borosticks). I’m not sure where you can get them in the UK, but they’re carried by several vendors in the US. Mountain Glass Arts is one of my favorites and they put them on sale every couple of months (30% off).

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