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Lampwork Cabochons, No Mandrel!!

Glass cabochons are really easy to make and, contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a mandrel to do it! I free-hand all of mine. Not that I make a lot, and since I don’t, I never felt like a cabochon mandrel was something I wanted to add to my already overwhelming collection of stuff I don’t use.

So anyway, here’s a short video showing how I make mine. I hope you enjoy it!


3 thoughts on “Lampwork Cabochons, No Mandrel!!

  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to make this tutorial, Shawnette! It is a beautifully simple thing, but even so sometimes we end up thinking we need 28384739223.2 new tools to make lampwork when really we just need someone like you to show us that the only thing we REALLY need is the desire to create and the tool between our ears to think out side of the box with! This is why I always love your blogs and video tutorials. Keep up the good work. =]

  2. Great tutorial Shawnette!!! It made for a great droolie “work” break for me just now! I hope all is well for you gf!!!

  3. Thank you. I enjoyed your video.

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