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Whipped Olive Butter (Body Butter)

olivebutter2Olive oil is naturally packed with anti-aging antioxidants and hydrating squalene, making it an excellent choice for hair, skin, and nail care and a staple in every naturalista’s basic kit. Just like coconut oil, I consider it a must-have.

Olive butter (body butter, not edible butter) takes it a step further and in the winter time, it can be a saving grace for chapped skin and lips. The problem with buying it though, is in general, the commercial products are either made from olive oil that has been hydrogenated to give it a creamy texture or made by mixing shea butter with olive oil. The latter isn’t really olive butter. It’s shea butter with olive oil, or whipped shea butter.  If I want shea butter, I’ll buy shea butter, thankyouverymuch. Stop with the trickery!  So, rather than be roped in by the shyster’s peddling their Shea butter blends cleverly disguised as olive butter, I decided to make my own and it was unbelievably easy. You only need 2 or 3 ingredients!! For once, I actually measured, too! Except the temp. I didn’t measure the temperature. Oh well. Use your best judgement.

Shae’s Olive Butter
8oz Olive Oil
2oz Bees Wax

Optional: Lemongrass or other essential oil. (I used 20 drops of Lemongrass)

glass bowl
Rubber Spatula or other scraping tool
Mixer with whisk attachment or stick blender

Using a glass container, like a measuring cup or glass bowl, heat your olive oil in the microwave for approximately 1-1.5 minutes. You want it hot, but not super hot. Add your bees wax and stir. Keep stirring until the bees wax completely melts. You’ll need to place it in the microwave a couple more times. I heated for 15 seconds at a time. You just want the wax to completely melt, to blend with the oil.

Once the wax is thoroughly melted, stir in 10-20 drops of your favorite essential oil (Totally optional) and let the mixture sit for a few minutes to cool, stirring occasionally. Once the mixture cools to the point where it is semi solid, like melted butter, whip it with the whisk or stick blender until it has a smooth, creamy consistancy.


1. Cut the beeswax into chunks, shred it or use granules. It will melt faster.
2. If you use an EO, be sure it’s one that won’t irritate your skin. Lemongrass is an anti-microbial and anti-bacterial. Lavendar also offers healing properties.
2. You can use a double boiler for this. I chose the microwave because I didn’t want any moisture to get into my glass at all, including steam.
3. A mixer with a whisk attachment works better than a stick blender for this recipe.
4. If you want a harder butter, use less Olive oil or more wax. A 1:3 ratio makes a pretty firm butter. (1oz wax, 3oz oil)
5. You can use this same recipe with other oils, like macadamia, almond, avocado, etc.


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