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Pulling Pre-sliced Murrini to a Point



I love to make murrini! It’s done by layering different colors of glass in a specific pattern and then heating and stretching it into a rod (cane). Once it’s cool, you slice the cane into cross-sections and each slice has the same pattern. I find it to be challenging and quite enjoyable. I only wish I had a larger torch to really do some nice stuff. (Not that I can’t do nice things on the torch that I have. It just takes forever.)

Flower murrini is very popular with bead makers but most don’t make their own. (It’s very time consuming!) You get the best results with flower murrini that is pulled to a point, but most of the murrini slices for sale are not pre-pulled. I was in a creative mood last night, so I created a short video tutorial on how to pull your own points on pre-sliced murrini:


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Personal Challenge

So, as most of you know, I don’t really torch that much unless I’m working. My home bench is was completely dust covered from lack of use. Well, I’ve decided to try to get in at least 8 hours torch time a week. I think I can do that. I just need to shoot for 2 hours a day. Easy Peasy, right? Well, here are the fruits of my labor from day 1:



Some discs, some spacers and some push pins. I plan on making push pins with all of my colors and putting them on a reference board. That should be fun…

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Lavender Burn Gel

pinkyburnWorking with hot glass can be a bit, um, hot at times. Soft glass has a tendency to pop and land in places you’d never want to have hot glass land. Sometimes, your hand just ends up in the flame. After a while, though, you just don’t scream any more…

4oz Aloe Vera gel
20 drops pure Lavender Oil

Mix well and store in a cool place.

1. I use the sunburn aloe that has Lidocaine in it. It helps to numb the pain a bit.