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I like yogurt. Preferably whole fat or 2%. A few days ago, there was a discussion about Greek yogurt over at my favorite hangout, and I’ve been craving yogurt every since. Weird because I eat yogurt almost every day, anyway. Well, I’m of the opinion that Greek yogurt is by far the best yogurt around. Or so I thought, until today.

After dropping Tyler off at school, I decided to stop and get some Fage. I found it sitting next to Liberté Méditerranée. I’ve never heard of this brand before but it was wayy cheaper ($1.19 6oz vs $1.67 5.3oz) and it’s whole fat, not 2%. The name sounded kinda Greek, so I figure what the hey. Picked up 3 flavors: Strawberry, Blackberry & Coconut. The stocker guy said the Plum Walnut is really good, but I’m not into nuts. (At least not that kind, *wink*wink*…)

I am not a big fan of plain yogurt or Fruit at bottom but wow! Holy CRAP!!! This stuff is the SHIZZZZZZ! Have you seen the Yoplait commercial where Heidi Klum is moaning and licking her fingers? Well, that’s totally what I felt like. I had my very first Yogasm!

By the way, it isn’t Greek. It’s Greek & Turkish style, made in Canada with milk from Vermont. Deliciously creamy and just the right amount of sweet and tang… OMG. I need more!!!!
(Funny how my 1st post in 3 years is about food, not glass. I’m such a slacker…)