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Coconut Oil Moisturizer

Remember Luster’s Pink Oil Moisturizer? I say remember because anybody with any knowledge about natural hair care knows to stay far far away from that stuff! Mineral Oil City!! Not to mention the fact that it is funnnnnky! I hated the smell of that crap but I LOVED the way it made my hair feel. So so soft! I was a little sad when I found out that mineral oil is bad for your hair, but since I couldn’t stand the smell of LPOM anyway, it was an easy habit to break. What’s my point? Well, being the ingredient junkie that I am, I bought some Lanolin (pure, natural) a few weeks ago without knowing how I was going to use it. It’s just been sitting around, looking all lonely because once I opened it, I found that’s it’s just a bit more sticky than I anticipated. I tried mixing it with some aloe to use on my feet and the result was not pretty at all. It was a clumpy mess! So it sat for a while longer…

Well, after a while I had the brilliant idea to see how it melts. So I melted a little and started adding some stuff and viola! I made my own oil moisturizer, minus the mineral oil and stinky smell. In fact, it smells quite delish!! A word of warning though. Some people are allergic to lanolin, so if you have issues with it or sheep’s wool, this is a recipe that you may want to avoid. (And for all you anilmal lovers, the sheep are not harmed during the lanolin extraction process. Lanolin is extracted from the shorn wool.)

For once, I actually measured the ingredients. Yay me!!

6oz Pure Aloe Vera Gel (like for sunburns, but clear. I use FOTE)
2Tbsp Pure Lanolin (beeswax can be used as a substitute. See tips below)
2Tbsp Coconut Oil

Melt the lanolin until it’s liquid. Add the coconut oil and aloe and stir well. Mixture will be a creamy lotion with a consistency similar to the vanilla icing that you drizzle over cinnamon rolls. Apply to wet or damp hair to seal in the moisture. (You’ll be amazed at the softness and the shine!)

Day 3 hair:


1. You can use whatever type of oil you like. My 1st batch was made with Olive oil, but the coconut version smells wayyyyy better.
2. It’s a bit oily, but if you’ve ever used LPOM, you already know that. Day 1 was the worst, but after a couple of days, a lot of the oiliness went away. (Soaked up by the pillowcase, no doubt, lol!)
3. Lanolin can build up, so this is not something I would recommend for frequent (daily) usage if you’re a no-poo (like moi). Every few days with a co-wash between uses and you should be fine. Otherwise, you’ll probably need to clarify. I’m likely only going to use it after my henna / bentonite treatments as a leave in moisturizer. (Once a week)
4. If you’re sensitive to lanolin, beeswax can be used as a substitute (I used 1/2 of a 1oz stick). You’ll need to add more oil and mix it with the beeswax really well before adding the aloe and you’ll probably need to use a handmixer to get it nice and smooth (I did).

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Shae’s Gelly

I love my pudding, but sometimes I want something a bit lighter, so I started playing around with recipes and I came up with my Jojoconut Gel. It works great, but still not quite what I’m looking for as it performs much better on silkier hair than my locks. It’s awesome on my youngest son’s hair, but my hair is coarse and very coily. Except in the front where I have this semi straight wavy patch. WTF??!! It’s like that spot spiraled wrong so the Curl Nazi said “No curls for you! Next!”

Anyhooo, I’m also not lovin’ the glycerine as much lately so I started ‘spearmintin’ again and this time I’m pretty sure I’m there. I did a bentonite mask last night and afterwards, applied this custard and today my hair is like butter (soft) and the curls are poppin’ like crazy. Lots of definition and zero crunch. It almost looks like uber curly weave, lol! (Not that crappy dead hair, either. The good stuff that they keep behind closed doors.)

The recipe (You know the deal. No measuring going on over here, so amounts are approximate.):

3oz Aloe gel (jelly, not liquid)
3oz Flax Seed gel (thick)
2oz Shea butter
2tsp Agave Nectar

Mix Aloe and flax. Melt the shea and fold it into the mix. Stir in Agave nectar.



1. If shea is too heavy for your hair type, you can substitute another oil. I’ve used jojoba & coconut.
2. You can also use honey or molasses instead of Agave. Agave is less sticky and doesn’t stink to high heaven like molasses.

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Jojoconut Gel (Lightweight Curl Custard)

Ok, so I was checkin’ out Gypsycurl’s youtube video on Jojoba gel a few months ago and it was good, but not quite what I was going for, so changed it up a lil bit. I’m pretty pleased with the results. I get pretty good curl definition and softness with a light hold. If Shae’s Pudding is too heavy for you, then you should try this recipe. It’s especially great if you have a silky hair texture (which I don’t, lol). It’s not really heavy and has just enough oil to control frizz, but won’t make your hair greasy. It’s awesome on my baby boy’s hair.

Normal disclaimer: All measurements are approximate. I just dump stuff in and guess at the amount. I’m pretty good at guessing, though.


3-4oz Vitamin E Gel or Pure Aloe gel (you can get Vitamin E gel at Walgreens, it’s with the Aloe Vera gel)
3-4oz Flax seed gel (very thick)
1oz Jojoba Oil
1oz Coconut oil (optional. my hair loves coconut oil)

Mix ingredients well and apply to damp (or wet) hair. (I spray my hair down with my leave in, then apply this gel, twist and seal.)