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My leg, my leg, my leg is on fire!!

We don’t need no water, let the mutha fu…

Well, that’s not really how the song goes, but it definitely describes my morning. What happened, ask ye? Being the Artiste Ingénieux that I can sometimes be, I had the bright idea of trying to make an off mandrel wine stopper topper, James Tinker style. His way of doing it is way cool, but the creative genius in me decided to make it a fish. Sounds simple enough, eh? Well, I got it a little too hot and it melted off the punty right into my lap! It burned through my shirt, and into my pants and got stuck in the leg, which promptly caught fire. OMFG!!!! You should have seen me jumping around, doing a discombobulated rendition of the Running Man. (Don’t act like you don’t know what that is). Anyway, I torch in front of a rather large window, so I’m pretty sure my neighbors are now convinced that I am the only no rhythm having sistah in the hood…

Now on to the gore. (Not really gory, but definitely not pretty)
Immediately after:

Inside lower left leg.
<–Mmmm, fried Nette leg. Note the crispyness.

East of Eden.
(stop tryin’ to peek at my nani!!)

6 hours later:

<–Whew! That was close!
Sheesh! A couple of inches to the right and I could have canceled my appointment for the Brazilian!

So, what have we learned from this? Torch naked! It’s safer. And use a tripod for those awkward shots. (Just kidding, folks! Except for the part about the tripod)

Well, I need to go put more aloe on my wounds. See Ya!

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Pi? Not Pi, Messy 96!!

Remember Pi Glass (96COE)? Probably not. It seems like that were out of business before they got started, but they had some really nice colors and the glass wasn’t very expensive. Well, it was recently announced that CIM will be supplying some of the colors from the old Pi line, since their 104COE glass is made at the same factory. Great news for all the Pi fans out there. The Messy 96 will be carried by Frantz and Phoenix Art Supplies. Phoenix also carries some divine vintage 96 glass. LOVE it! The black is great, the cobalt is beautiful, the lavender doesn’t get all devitty or reducey… Yeah, I made those words up, but you know what I’m talkin’ about! Plus, she always has some sort of awesome special going on. I believe she’s giving away free glass with purchases right now. You should all go buy stuff. Now. 😉

So, anyway, yesterday was the annual Christmas party for the Florida Glass Dragons. This year it was held at R4 Glass Studio and was a total blast, as usual. I didn’t get any pictures of the party, but I did catch Mr. Tyler, Bead Snatcher Extraordinaire having a good time in the fountain:


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Whooty Whooooo!!

<—-See that? That’s me doing a happy dance. Why, you ask? Because I’m finally done with that damned bulk buy!! Well mostly. There are still some items missing, but at least the main part is done. The rest is just clean up. Never again, I say. Never again! Now maybe I’ll have a little more time to actually get some torching in. Yayyyyy!!! I get to make pretties (or not so pretties, depending on taste). So anyway, that’s about all I have to jab about today. I have a lot of orders to get shipped and I’m a couple of days behind. Here’s some eye candy, though:

That’s all, folks!!!