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Didja Miss Me??

It’s been ages since I posted any news, so I figure it’s time to get back in the swing. I’ve had a helluva time these last few months, but I won’t go into detail. Let’s just say it’s been rough and leave it at that.

I just revamped the site and I finally finished my store! Aren’t you proud of me? Well, even if you’re not, my arm is in a sling because I strained my shoulder from patting myself on the back. I’m pretty happy with the new look and the way it integrates with the rest of the site. Stroll on over to The Goodie Shop and take a look-see for yourself. I’ve added a bunch of new items and I’ve got some great stuff that will be coming soon. Beadable serving sets, canape knives and other goodies. Here are a couple of photos of the beadable swizzle sticks (aka drink stirrers):

These are pretty cool and I can’t wait to get them added to the store and yes, I know the beads are crappy. I didn’t make them, so there! Now, If I could just find some time to play with my new torch and glass I wouldn’t have to use crappy import beads in my pics. I bought a GTT Cheetah a couple of months ago and I’ve only made 3 beads on it. Ack!! I also switched to Uroboros and BE. I haven’t used any of the BE I bought. I really need more hours in my day… Oh well. So life goes.

Well, that’s about all the updates I have time for right now. I’m swamped and I really should be working, but I’m slacking. I guess I’d better crack my own whip.

See y’all later!!